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Digitalized Microdonations

Direct Microdonations are the best way to cut down prevalent inefficiencies in the donation system. With mobile banking, intermediaries are reduced to a minimum while donation efficiency is maximized. The donated funds are directly sent to persons in need,
without large chains of donation disbursement organizations involved in the process. Our program provides people space and time to attend a school or other courses, avoid child labor
or create her or his own business, which gives them a perspective for the future.
Further, negative effects on the economy, caused by in-kind donations competing with locally produced goods, are avoided. With Karuna Technology´s donation system, the power of direct monetary donations is unleashed: Effective selection of donation sites, end-to-end tracking of the donation funds, as well as donation management, can be organized. The company, Karuna Technology UG, is member of the Business Incubation Center Programm of the European Space Agency (ESA) and supported by the European Union (EFRE).

Earth Observation

Climatic warming and the associated increasingly prolonged periods of drought are having a significant impact on our environment. These events weaken our ecosystems and facilitate conditions for extreme events such as crop failures or vegetation fires (forest and field fires) causing harm especially to people living under the poverty line. Earth Observation offers us the insights needed to protect our unique biosphere as well as communities.
With EO technologies, precise as well as fast insights can be generated, even in remote areas. The rich data foundation also provides opportunities to make predictions and prepare farmers, governmental as well as non-governmental organization`s decision making. Artificially intelligent algorithms offer the possibility of combining insights from different available data sources.

Our Mission AND Vision


It is the objective of Karuna Technology to fight poverty as well as the effects of climatic change. In this regard, the team is trusting on innovative technologies as well as the combination of interdisciplinary expertise to make a significant difference and take on these major challenges. We are a team consisting of experts from various disciplines, such as DeepLearning and computer vision, earth observation, space engineering and business development driven by a joint mission.


Long-Term impact:

Our mission involves generating long-term tools to globally support communities in need or ecosystems at risk. We focus on a long-term positive impact by the support of relevant entities with technical tools as well as experience in their application.

Deep Technology:

Together with leading research institutes, we combine the strengths of Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Curiosity as well as the spirit of exploration drives us to push the envelope of the technologies. As an interdisciplinary team, we learn from each other and combine the perspectives and strengths of every team member’s background and experiences.

Interdisciplinary team:

As an interdisciplinary team, we combine the different perspectives and strengths of every team members background and experiences.We continuously learn from each other and expand our knowledge at the focus technologies as well as markets.

Customer Focus:

We are focused on bringing innovative and highly useful services and products to our customers and end-users. All our development is focused on thecustomer's wants and expectations. Our aim is to not only to cover but exceed the expectations placed on us.