Earth Observation

Climatic warming and the associated increasingly prolonged periods of drought are having a significant impact on our environment. These events weaken our ecosystems and facilitate conditions for extreme events such as crop failures or vegetation fires (forest and field fires) causing harm especially to people living under the poverty line

Earth Observation offers us the insights needed to protect our unique biosphere as well as communities. With EO technologies, precise as well as fast insights can be generated, even in remote areas. The rich data foundation also provides opportunities to make predictions and prepare farmers, governmental as well as non-governmental organization`s decision making. Artificially intelligent algorithms offer the possibility of combining insights from different available data sources.

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Global Observation

With Earth Observation we get global, precise and near real-time insights to our areas of interest. Karuna Technology partners with leading commercial satellite constellation operators to deliver highest-precision monitoring capabilities to our customers.

Our aim is to globally provide access to the rich possibilities Earth Observation Technology has to offer. We strive for the security of communities and the safety of the earth’s unique variety of plant- and wildlife. Karuna Technology aims at leveraging satellite, geographic as well as weather data to protect our unique biosphere as well as communities. We use state-of-the-art technology and combine it with highly precise and up-to-date sources of data (satellite, weather and ground data) to generate new insights in the health of vegetation and on-ground risks. Our main goal is, to identify places on earth at risk of poverty, facing challenges such as bad harvests or increased impacts of wildfires. This additional layer of information also enables us, to monitor the success of donation campaigns and allows us to measure a donation program´s impact on local communities.

We want to support our customers with a highly precise vegetation health and fire risk product, aiming at the mitigation of fire risks, active fuel load management as well as direct vegetation health estimation. Together with renowned research institutes such as the Fraunhofer IGD or TU Darmstadt vegetation monitoring is brought to the next level.

We are already incubated at the ESA BIC Darmstadt and take part in the Fraunhofer AHEAD program. With that strong support, we are able to deliver a uniquely innovative product to our customers! With the latest DeepLearning Technologies, spatial as well as temporal patterns in the data are used to improve the predictive power of the system. You will be excited about its possibilities. If you are interested, please contact us!